Woodturning faceplates are an essential part of any arsenal of woodworking tools. While some woodworkers have switched to jaws to hold their workpiece in place, a faceplate will give you a more secure hold as it screws directly into your piece. If you’re concerned about screw holes, don’t worry! You can glue a piece of waste wood to your piece and secure the stump to the faceplate and simply saw it off when you’re finishing the bottom.

Oneway is a top name in woodturning supplies, so it is no surprise that their woodturning faceplates are top of the line. We offer Oneway faceplates in several popular sizes from 3-inches to 6-inches so you can find the right size to safely secure your workpiece to your lathe.

There are two main categories of Oneway faceplates: stainless steel and powder-coated carbon steel. Stainless steel woodturning faceplates are great for the woodworker who frequently uses wet or caustic woods like cherry and oak, as the stainless steel material prevents rusting. For those who use other types of wood, the durable carbon steel faceplates that are powder-coated are incredibly resilient. 

When shopping for woodturning faceplates online, safety should always be at the front of your mind. You can feel confident choosing the tried and true Oneway faceplates to add to your wood shed.

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