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Brand: Oneway

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Product Description

This 3” faceplate is the perfect lathe accessory for anyone looking for a strong hold and a safe working environment.

  • 3” stainless steel faceplate
  • Rust-proof material for a long-lasting accessory
  • Essential woodworking tool
  • Perfect size for most workpieces

When it comes to woodturning supplies, you really cannot get by without a couple faceplates for your lathe. Long Island Woodworking Supply is a leading provider of woodturning supplies online for experienced and novice woodturners alike. This stainless steel faceplate from Oneway is rust-resistant, meaning it is perfect for woodworkers who enjoy turning wet or caustic woods like cherry or oak. This faceplate will last for years and years, and while only 3-inches across, it is perfect for most workpieces (though, if you are turning extra large bowls or plates with a wide base, you may want to order one of our larger faceplates). While some woodturners use jaws or chucks to turn their wood, a faceplate can more securely hold lopsided or rough wood pieces. Get yours today!

  • Part No. 2391-355SS
  • Thread size: M33 x 3.5

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