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Brand: Oneway

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Product Description

Oneway’s stainless steel faceplates are perfect for keeping your work sturdily in place without rusting or corroding.

  • 3” stainless steel faceplate
  • Rust-proof material for a long-lasting accessory
  • Essential woodholding accessory
  • Perfect size for most workpieces

When it comes to woodturning, you cannot get anywhere without some sort of woodholding accessory. While chucks and jaws have become a popular option in recent years, you cannot beat the stability that comes with using a woodturning faceplate. This stainless steel plate is rust-resistant and is perfect for woodturners who love working with wet or caustic woods like cherry or oak. Since this faceplate is not painted, it will not stain or mark your wood like some other woodturning faceplates might. Long Island Woodworking Supply is a leading supplier of woodturning tools online, and we are committed to only bringing you the best, most reputable brands. This Oneway Stainless Steel Faceplate is no exception! If you are serious about woodturning, it is a good idea to add a few faceplates to your collection of woodturning tools, and this 3” faceplate is a great piece to start with!

  • Part No. 2391-322SS
  • Thread size: 1¼ - 8 TPI

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