Wood burning tips are like shoes; you have some that you wear all of the time and some that you rarely break out. But, when it’s time to break out that spiffy pair of Oxfords or those comfortable Crocs, you know something special is about to happen.

Regularly updating your wood burning tips not only ensures you’re not using a tip that is past its prime. It also helps you grow as a woodworker by getting you out of your comfort zone. Most wood burning kits will come with five to ten popular wood burning tips. For example, you can walk into any pyrographers shed and find Colwood B, C, D, and J tips. These are all pretty standard and they work well… until you need to do something on your wood piece that these tips can’t do for you. Even the best pyrographers can’t make perfectly identical fish scales without a fish scale wood burning tip!

Here at Long Island Woodworking Supply, we offer only the best wood burning tips from reputable brands that you know and trust. Whether you are looking for replaceable wood burning tips for your handpiece or fixed wood burning tips, we have what you need — and we ship right to your door!

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