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Brand: Colwood

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Product Description

Finish Your Woodburning Creation With This Fixed Tip Colwood Pen

The small point on this Colwood Fixed Tip Woodburning “K” pen ensures that you’ll burn your wood piece exactly where you intend to.

  • Custom cork grip for comfort and ease of use
  • Hours of woodburning without a “hot” feeling on the pen
  • Woodburning tip is specialized for high-quality detail and shading

This premium Colwood woodburner features a round heel so that if you’re working on concave areas, you won’t gouge the area. Plus, with Colwood’s signature cork and plastic combination, you’ll get hours of woodburning performance without overheating the woodburning pen itself.

To get the best results out of your woodburning project, you need the very best woodburning tools and that’s why Long Island Wood Working Supply carries a variety of high-quality Colwood woodburning pens.

You wouldn’t settle for anything else low quality, so why cut corners when it comes to the woodburner that you’re using? Get the best detail and shading abilities today with our Colwood Fixed Tip Woodburning “K” Pen.

You woodburning project deserve the absolute best woodburning tools, so get your own round heel fixed tip woodburning tool today!


  • Woodburning pen tip ideal for shading and calligraphy
  • Compatible with all Colwood woodburning units and handpiece cords
  • 5/32 inch size
  • Handpiece manufactured with phenolic material for superior insulating properties

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