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Brand: Oneway

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Product Description

This faceplate is manufactured from a solid piece of carbon steel and is incredibly durable thanks to its powder-painted coating.

  • 3” carbon steel faceplate
  • Powder-painted for a resilient coating
  • Securely hold workpiece in place
  • Perfect size for most workpieces

This carbon steel faceplate for your lathe is an essential woodturning accessory that will help to securely keep your workpiece in place while turning. Carbon steel is incredibly durable and makes for a long-lasting faceplate, especially with its resilient powder-painted coating. While some woodturners choose to use jaws or chucks as their preferred wood-holding device, the security that a faceplate gives you with lopsided pieces is invaluable. Whether you have been turning for decades or are just starting to collect woodturning supplies for the first time, a carbon steel faceplate is the perfect lathe accessory to add to your collection. As a woodworkers’ supply online store, we are proud to provide woodturners throughout the world with quality woodturning accessories and supplies. Be sure to add this Oneway 3” carbon steel faceplate to your collection!

  • Part No. 2391-322CR
  • Thread size: 1¼  - 8 TPI

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