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Brand: Oneway

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Product Description

Having a couple stainless steel faceplates for woodturning on hand is a vital part of building up your supply of essential woodturning accessories!

  • 3” stainless steel faceplate
  • Rust-proof material for a long-lasting accessory
  • Essential woodworking tool
  • Perfect size for most workpieces

Ever since woodworkers put down their chisels and started up their lathes, they have needed sturdy woodholding devices to keep their pieces from flying around the room. Modern-day woodworkers count on three main devices to hold their work steady: jaws, chucks, and faceplates. While some people have retired their faceplates in favor of jaws and chucks, faceplates are truly one of the most secure ways to hold a workpiece to your lathe. This stainless steel faceplate from Oneway is rust-resistant and, unlike some other faceplates, is not painted so there is no risk of it staining or marking your piece. Stainless steel is the ideal faceplate material if you frequently work with wet or caustic woods like cherry or oak, thanks to its anti-rust properties, though carbon steel will work well with these woods too. While just 3-inches, this faceplate works with more workpieces. Though, if you like to turn extra large bowls or plates, a larger faceplate from Long Island Woodworking supply might be better suited. Get your stainless steel faceplate today to add to your arsenal of woodturning tools!

  • Part No. 2391-37SS
  • Thread size: 1 - 8 TPI LH/RH

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