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Brand: Oneway

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Product Description

Don’t pass over this incredibly durable lathe faceplate, and essential woodturning tool for both novice and experienced woodturners.

  • 3” carbon steel faceplate
  • Powder-painted for a resilient coating
  • Securely hold the workpiece in place
  • Perfect size for most workpieces

Faceplates are an essential woodworking tool and are at the core of woodturning. While some woodturners have made the switch to jawed chucks to replace the faceplate, the faceplate remains an integral part of woodworking and can accomplish what chucks cannot. If you are worried about putting screws into your piece, you can simply glue your workpiece to a piece of waste wood so you are not damaging your final product with screws or jaws. While jaws are generally a safe option to use in the shop when set up appropriately, a faceplate will give you a more secure hold, especially when working with a lopsided or rough piece of wood. When building your arsenal of lathe accessories and woodturning tools, be sure you include a couple of faceplates for those tricky turns. This carbon steel faceplate is designed to last and is coated with a resilient finish. However, Oneway makes this same woodturning faceplate in a stainless steel option, which is perfect for woodturners who work with a lot of wet or caustic woods like cherry and oak.

  • Part No. 2391-355CR
  • Thread size: M33 x 3.5

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