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Product Description

Sale is for one (1) 4" Faceplate Ring


Versa-Mount Faceplate Rings

These faceplate rings are designed to be used with the new Versa-Mount Coupling (described above). The FACEPLATE RINGS allow you to unmount and re-mount large blanks of wood with ease. You no longer have to screw the faceplate onto the spindle which can be extremely arduous depending on the size and weight of the blank.

Simply mount the Faceplate Ring to the blank as you would a standard faceplate, then lift it onto the bed and into the mounting holes of the Versa-Mount™ Coupling. Tighten down the three Faceplate Ring screws and you're ready to go! Simple, quick and easy.

Multiple Faceplate Rings can be purchased inexpensively to fit onto one Coupling. Faceplate Rings are powder painted and available in 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch sizes. This makes this system ideal for a classroom setting. If a customer has lathes with different spindle sizes, multiple Couplings can be purchased and pieces can be moved from one machine to another.

Do the Faceplate screw holes accept the same size screws as the Oneway No-Flex Faceplates?

Yes. These faceplate rings use the same sized screws as the No-Flex Faceplates however, the countersinks are slightly larger on the 4" Faceplate Ring to ensure the head of the screw sits below the face of the ring. This is necessary in order to be able to mount the ring to the Versa-Mount Coupling.

What are the advantages of this system?

Screwing a heavy blank which is mounted on a faceplate onto a spindle can be an awkward and difficult task that is beyond the strength of some people. With the new ONEWAY Versa-Mount™ System, mounting heavy pieces is much easier. The piece still has to be lifted to the spindle but locating and locking it onto the Coupling is much simpler and requires less strength.

Three bolts on the Versa-Mount™ Faceplate Ring engage into matching slots on the Coupling. The Coupling has a pilot which matches up with a bored hole on the Faceplate Rings to ensure concentricity. Once the workpiece is in place a simple 1/8 turn will hold the piece sufficiently so that it can be safely let go. The Faceplate Ring can then be easily tightened to the Coupling with three bolts. The danger of cross threading and damaging the faceplate or the spindle is eliminated.

Why are the hole figurations the way they are?

We wanted holes opposite so that if they are left on while the blank dries, two screws can be left aligned with the grain and the others removed. We put in eight screw holes because that should be very close to the strength of the three bolts that hold the plate onto the coupling.

Are there any maximum weight recommendations for these Faceplate Rings?

We do not make maximum weight recommendations because so much more is dependant on the speed and out of balance condition than the weight. The heaviest piece I ever mounted I damaged the threads on a cast iron faceplate screwing it on a little crooked. The versa mount will prevent that from happening. Since it is all steel construction it will be in the area of twice as strong.

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