When shopping for woodturning chucks online, you want to ensure you are getting a safe product. After all, a chuck that holds a workpiece in place as your lathe spins at thousands of rotations per minute needs to work.

While woodturning faceplates are often considered the most secure way to attach a workpiece to a lathe, chuck technology has come a long way and are considered a safe way to turn when set up properly, especially when choosing a Oneway chuck which includes extra safety features.

Oneway has a number of variations of chucks and accessories, including internal and external chucks, jaws that can be clamped to round or square stock, jaws with smooth, profiled, or serrated edges, flat chucks, and so much more.

Some of the most popular Oneway chucks include the Oneway Stronghold Chuck as well as the Oneway Talon Chuck, both of which have become a standard in woodturning shops around the world. In addition to these stellar chucks, our woodturning supply store offers plenty of chuck accessories and jaws for both the Talon Chuck and the Stronghold Chuck so you can always find what you’re looking for. Shop our collection of woodturning chucks online below, as well as our Oneway flat jaws, spigot jaws, and tower jaws!
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