If you are a pyrographer, odds are, you are always looking for the best woodworking supplies for your craft. Here at Long Island Woodworking Supply, we offer many wonderful woodworking supplies for your use that are of the highest quality and that ship quickly to your door. Below, we'll take a look at who our Colburn Woodworking Kits are for. Shop online today!

The Beginner Woodworking Student

Our Colburn Woodworking Kits are perfect for the beginning woodworking student. You'll have everything you need to get started, from the handpiece and Detailer or control unit to a variety of fixed-tip or replaceable tips for all your woodworking project needs.

The Advanced Woodworking Craftsman

One of the best features of our Colburn Woodworking Kits is their size. These kits come with a carrying case, so they are easily transportable from place to place. Thus, you can take it with you when you travel to your craft shows.

Kids Interested in Woodworking

Since our Colburn Woodworking Kits have everything you need to get started in woodworking, they are perfect for kids. The handpieces are the right size for little hands, and with the adjustable temperature settings, you won't have to worry about them burning their hands.

The Hobbyist

Many people engage in woodworking for fun and as a hobby. Our Colburn Woodworking Kits make woodworking easy. You can keep all of your woodworking tools in one place, and it's easy to progress with your skills with the assortment of included tips and supplies.


Long Island Woodworking Supply has years of experience of helping those interested in woodworking get started and continue in their woodworking careers. If you are looking for the best woodworking supplies, including Colwood Woodburning Kits, shop with us today!

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