If you love pyrography, having a Colwood Woodburner is absolutely essential. Here at Long Island Woodworking Supply, we offer a myriad of Colwood Woodburner Kits for your needs that come with either fixed or replaceable tips according to your preference. Below, we'll go over what you can expect from your Colwood Woodburner. Shop with us today!

Easy To Operate

Colwood Woodburners are easy to operate. You simply choose the desired head setting and turn the switch to that particular heat setting. You wait a minute for the pen to heat up, and you are ready to begin your next pyrography or woodworking project. When finished, turn the woodburner off.

Can Accommodate Fixed-Tip And Adjustable Tip-Style Pens

All of our Colwood Woodburners can accommodate fixed-tip and replaceable tip-style pens. Which system you choose is mostly personal preference. The nice thing about the replaceable tip-style pens is that only the tip has to be replaced when they burn out, rather than the whole unit with a fixed-tip pen.

90-Day Warranty

Long Island Woodworking Supply offers a 90-day warranty on all Colwood Woodburners and Colwood Woodburner Kits. This means if you find something defective with the product, simply contact us for a quick solution.

Can Mount Different Handpieces

Handpieces, or the pen you use for your pyrography or woodworking projects, are easy to mount to your Colwood Woodburner Detailer. You simply plug in your chosen handpiece, and you're ready to get to work crafting beautiful pieces for your use.


Long Island Woodworking Supply is proud to offer the best woodworking supplies, including Colwood Woodburner Kits, for your pyrography and woodworking projects. We offer woodworking tools for all levels, and a customer service team ready to answer your questions. Reach out with questions, or order online today!

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