• The Bestselling Tools From Our Woodworking Supply Store

    What makes a product sell well? Thirty years ago, a fancy infomercial and word of mouth might have been enough to get a product into every home in America. These days, though, people want to know if what they’re buying is actually any good. Sometimes a name brand is enough to sell a product. People know what to expect from the next Apple iPhone or Chevy truck. Other times, people need to check the internet for reviews before they buy a product. In our modern world, a quick Google search is enough to tell you whether or not a product...

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  • Learn About Sharpening Your Woodturning Tools

    Let’s pretend it’s Thanksgiving. The turkey has been resting out of the oven while the mashed potatoes and green bean casserole are finishing. It’s finally time to carve the turkey, which is an all-important job that has been bestowed upon you. The whole family gathers around and watches as you press a knife into this beautiful golden bird. But, you forget to sharpen your knife! What should have been smooth, beautiful slices of turkey worthy of your niece's Instagram is now jagged, ugly slices. Thankfully, that’s the worst thing that happened when you forgot to sharpen your turkey carving knife!...

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  • Safety First: Important Safety Tips For Woodworkers

    When it comes to “arts and crafts,” woodworking might be one of the more dangerous options, perhaps only second to forging swords. Like most things in life, accidents happen when woodworkers don’t take proper safety precautions. In today’s blog, we are going to go over some basic woodworking safety tips. These safety tips mainly concern working with machinery, such as power saws and lathes, but can be used for non-mechanical woodworking as well. Safety Tips For Using Woodworking Tools Have A Mentor Let’s say you’ve seen some cool woodturning videos on YouTube and you think, “That looks fun, I could...

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