What makes a product sell well? Thirty years ago, a fancy infomercial and word of mouth might have been enough to get a product into every home in America. These days, though, people want to know if what they’re buying is actually any good.

Sometimes a name brand is enough to sell a product. People know what to expect from the next Apple iPhone or Chevy truck. Other times, people need to check the internet for reviews before they buy a product. In our modern world, a quick Google search is enough to tell you whether or not a product is going to do what it says.

However, one of the best ways to know if the item you’re putting your hard-earned money toward is going to get the job done is by seeing how well it sells. If a product is selling well, it’s because other people have discovered that it’s good, read positive online reviews, trust the brand it comes from, or had friends who’ve recommended it.

We have all sorts of woodworkers who depend on Long Island Woodworking Supply for their equipment. Whether your craft is woodburning, furniture making, deck building, turning, chiseling, or something else, we have the tools you need to create beautiful artwork. Below, we’re highlighting just a handful of our best-selling products. Check them out and make sure to get them for yourself from our woodworking supplies store!

Our Best Selling Woodworking Tools

Colwood Woodburning Tips

All of our Colwood woodburning tips sell really well, and for good reason. Every time you purchase a new woodburning tip, you expand the ability of what you can do and create. Each tip serves its own purpose and allows you to create a unique design or effect. When it comes to woodworking supplies, you can never have too many pyrography tips, so be sure to stock up on these affordable tools that give you a full range of creative options.

Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade

A bandsaw is a woodworker’s best friend, and keeping a high-quality blade installed in your saw will ensure it remains safe and cuts effectively. Timber Wolf is a top producer of high-quality bandsaw blades in various sizes. And we have them all here at Long Island Woodworking Supply. Timber Wolf bandsaw blades are made out of silicon steel, which will outcut and outlast your carbon steel blades by miles.

Colwood Super Pro Deluxe Kit

This product, as well as the one below, appears to an interesting dichotomy of woodworkers. Colwood woodburning kits range from the most simple Cub level all the way to The Olympiad. The Super Pro Deluxe kit falls toward the higher end of that spectrum, meaning that one of our best-sellers is a kit that many seasoned woodburners would love to own. On the other hand, we also sell a lot of Cub Standard kits, as you’ll see below.

Colwood Cub Standard Woodburning Kit

The Cub Standard kit is the most basic and affordable woodburning kit. The fact that it is also one of our bestsellers is incredibly encouraging, as it shows that new people are taking up the art of pyrography all the time. This is obviously good news for woodworking supply stores, whether they are local brick and mortar stores on online woodworking supply stores like us. But it is also good news for the woodworking community as a whole, as we know that despite what people say, woodworking is not a dying craft. If anything, it’s thriving!

What Will You Add To Your Woodworking Supply Stash Today?

What new woodworking tools are you looking for? Whatever you need, you’ll find it here at Long Island Woodworking Supply! Browse our site today to find all of the products you’re looking for.

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