As someone who practices pyrography, or the practice of decorating wood with art projects using heat, you enjoy what you do. However, if you are looking to improve on your woodburning projects, a Colwood Woodburner Kit from Long Island Woodworking Supply can help. Learn more about how this kit can help up the ante for your woodworking projects, and order online today!

Experiment With Different Tips

Woodburning handpieces come with different tip sizes in order to suit your needs. Some are thinner, able to give your woodworking projects finer lines, while others are thicker to create more solid lines. Experiment with all different tip styles in order to improve the look of your woodworking crafts. Our Colwood Woodburner Kits come with different tips, making this easy!

Try Different Heat Settings

Our Colwood Woodburning detailers have different heat settings that you can adjust in order to get the right amount of heat for your particular woodworking project. Try different heat settings for your woodworking projects in order to find the right ones for your needs.

Move Away From Templates

Beginning woodworkers start out using templates for their projects, so they look good. However, as you progress with your woodworking skills, you'll want to move to free-handing art that gives your artwork its unique characteristics. A Colwood Woodburning Kit makes this easy. Let your creative juices flow, and order today!

Practice With Different Depth Settings

Practice makes perfect when it comes to your pyrography skills. One way to improve these skills with the Colwood Woodburner is to try different depths and pressures as you're drawing to see the results.


If you are simply using a woodworking handpiece or pen that plugs into the wall, it's time for an upgrade. While talent, practice, and hard work can take you a long way, you have to have the right tools for the job. When you invest in a Colwood Woodburner Kit, you'll never turn back. Order online today!

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