Here at Long Island Woodworking Supply, we've made our Colwood Woodburner Kits with different woodworking supplies in order to suit your needs. This includes mixing up the number and type of woodburning tips in each kit. Learn more about our Colwood Woodburner Kit tips below, and order today!

Colwood Woodburner Kit Tip A

Our Colwood Woodburner Kit Tip A is a fixed-tip woodburning tip (meaning it includes the pen and is not removable). Great for really digging into the wood and making thick marks, use this woodworking tip for outlining and filling in spaces.

Colwood Woodburner Kit Tip B

The Colwood Woodburner Kit Tip B is ¼' long and is a fixed-tip woodburning tip. Easy to use and fits great in your hand, you'll love the robust lines this woodworking tip produces. Great for curved line work, too.

Colwood Woodburner Kit Tip C

Colwood Woodburner Kit Tip C is a great fixed-tip woodworking tip that is great for letter work. Use for all of your writing needs and designs. This woodworking tip for Colburn Woodburners also works great for plaques. Order today!

Colwood Woodburner Kit Replaceable Tips

All woodworking tips are consumable and will have to be replaced eventually. If you have an adjustable tip Colburn Woodburner handpiece, we offer the best replaceable tips, too. Easy to replace and perfect for all your pyrography needs, check them out today!


The above mentioned Colwood Woodburner Kit tips are just a few of the many we offer. The great thing about working with a Colwood Woodburner and ordering one of our Colwood Woodburner Kits is the fact it comes with so many different tips that you will have everything you need for all of your pyrography projects, and all in one place. Don't delay. Our Colwood Woodburning Kits make great starter kits for beginning woodworkers, so order for a gift or for yourself today!

Get Your Colwood Woodburner Kit Today!

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