It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are already just around the corner. Unfortunately, in the midst of a global pandemic, it’s uncertain as to how much time we’ll actually get to spend with friends and family members this holiday season. The good news? No matter what happens, it doesn’t mean you can’t still give gifts to the people you love the most! After all, the holidays are all about spreading cheer and getting into the spirit of the season.

That’s why in today’s post, we’re sharing a handful of woodworking projects that would make for the perfect Christmas gifts this year. Keep reading to learn more or shop our store for the essential woodworking supplies you need to craft your masterpiece this season.

DIY Christmas Woodworking Projects


As we spend more time indoors, birdhouses are better gifts than they’ve ever been before. In other words, many people are currently staying at home — and what better way to pass the time at home than to actively enjoy your surroundings? A birdhouse means that you can be an active participant in what’s going on around your home by providing birds with food and shelter from the winter weather. There are a variety of different styles of birdhouses, of course, and which one you choose to make depends on the birds in your area, your design preferences, and your skill level. Either way, the lucky recipient of a holiday birdhouse is sure to appreciate all of your hard work.

Cutting Boards

“Cutting boards?” you ask. “Aren’t those a little bit boring?” The answer is yes, they sure are. Whether you’ve made a million cutting boards in the past or it’s a project you’ve never really cared to tackle, the truth is that giving a cutting board as a gift is never a bad idea. People love practical gifts during the holidays — and that’s particularly true when the gift they receive was made with love, by hand, by someone they care about. Break out your scrap wood, fire up the bandsaw, and get creative! It might be more fun than you can imagine.


Want to flex your creative muscles a little bit for this year’s holiday gift? There’s no better way to do it than with handmade ornaments. Best of all, there are countless ways to bring your ideas to life. Envisioning the profile of a reindeer? Put your bandsaw or scroll saw to use to cut out the shape, drill a small hole, and tie a red ribbon through it. Instant ornament. Or maybe you’d like to create a custom shape on the lathe. Or perhaps you could put your new woodburning kit to use decorating something that’s wholly unique. However you choose to approach the task of creating Christmas ornaments, you’re sure to be pleased with the results.

The Online Tool Supplier You Can Count On

At Long Island Woodworking Supply, we’re here for you. Whether you have questions about the products we offer or you need advice about which tool is right for your needs, we’d be absolutely delighted to speak with you. Although this holiday season might be different in a handful of ways, if you’re still looking for ways to spread cheer — while also getting some time in your woodshop, which is a huge bonus — then there’s no better way to do it than with a handmade gift for someone you love.

Whether you have a full collection or you’re just getting started collecting the essential tools needed for woodworking, our online shop has everything you need. Shop Long Island Woodworking Supply today. Happy holidays!

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