As online tool suppliers, we know just how much of a challenge it can be to find woodworking projects for the holidays. Whether you enjoy woodworking as a hobby or it’s your full-time job, it doesn’t seem to make it any less difficult to find a project that’s fun to work on and will bring smiles to faces. After all, finding a project that you want to work on for yourself can often feel like a challenge!

So what’s a person to do? Thankfully, there’s nothing the team at Long Island Woodworking Supply loves more than providing ideas and inspiration for awesome projects. That’s why in today’s post, we’ll be sharing a couple of recommendations to get you started. Keep reading to get some great ideas and shop our online tool store today to get the supplies you need!

Wooden Snowflakes

The internet can often be a frustrating place, but it’s also an incredibly useful resource for woodworkers in need of some inspiration. That’s especially true of YouTube, where countless woodworkers post DIY projects, lessons, tips, tricks, and more. In other words, it’s a goldmine of woodworking ideas!

Take Steve Ramsey’s Wooden Snowflakes on a Table Saw video. There are many ways to create snowflakes in a woodshop, but this method might be one of the coolest we’ve seen. The best part is that the snowflakes are endlessly customizable, making it fun and exciting to keep experimenting with shapes until you perfect your craft. 

Better yet, although they’re fun to make, they’re even more fun to share with others! Whether that means giving them away as presents or selling them at your local maker’s market or craft fair, people absolutely love these wooden snowflakes. Make them out of inexpensive scrap wood or play around with beautiful hardwoods to make them even more elegant.

And There’s More!

Snowflakes not quite your idea of fun? For a real wealth of ideas, check out Steve’s other video where he shares a handful of gift projects that he’s created in the past. 

He also solicited the help of other woodworkers in the community and created a photo album of holiday gift making ideas to provide maximum inspiration! No matter the type of woodworking you enjoy, no matter the tools you have in your shop, you’re sure to find something that’s right for you. From bandsaw boxes to scroll saw ornaments to decorative candle holders, this folder is sure to spark your creativity and your imagination.

Need Some New Woodworking Tools?

Want to make sure you have everything you need to complete your holiday woodworking project? You’ll find it all at Long Island Woodworking Supply! From woodturning chisels to woodburning tools to finishes and adhesives, we have a great selection of woodworking tools and supplies to choose from.

Nothing feels quite as good as getting out in the shop and making something for the holidays, and at Long Island Woodworking Supply, we’re wishing your family the best this holiday season. Have a question? We’d love to help, so feel free to contact us today.

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