We’ll be honest. When it comes to ordering from online tool suppliers, customers have more options than ever before. At Long Island Woodworking Supply, we believe that this is a good thing! After all, it’s great when people have choices about where they’ll pick up their essential woodworking tools, which brands they'll choose to buy, and what kind of budget they’d like to stick to.

But what is it that makes our woodworking supply store different from the rest? We strive to ensure that no matter what type of woodworking supplies, tools, and products our customers are ordering that they have a great experience from the moment they first click onto our site. Keep reading to learn more about who we are and the experience we offer or shop our great selection of some of the best woodworking tools around.

Your Needs Come First

For starters, whether you’re new to the hobby and you’re making your very first list of tools needed for woodworking or you’re a seasoned pro who knows exactly the product you’re after, you can count on us for industry-leading customer service. We’re always here to answer any questions, so feel free to contact us any time to get assistance from a member of our team.

We Love What We Do

Of course, it’s also really important for us that people know why we do what we do. The answer is that we love it. There’s nothing in the world quite like having the right tool for the job, waking up excited, and spending a day in the woodshop creating. Whether you do woodworking to decorate your home, to have presents to give over the holidays, or as a business, we think you’ll agree that a day spent in the shop is never a bad thing.

As you can probably imagine, the reason people start a woodworking supply store is because they’re passionate about the craft. At Long Island Woodworking Supply, we genuinely love the products we offer and we’d be happy to answer questions, make recommendations, or provide any assistance you need in order to ensure that you get the items you need for any project.

We Have a Great Selection of Products

Looking for woodturning accessories? Need Japanese woodworking tools? How about a bandsaw blade? No matter what you’re searching for, you’ll find a great selection of items to choose from at Long Island Woodworking Supply. 

We’re proud to stock carving gouges, chisels, scrapers, handsaws, clamps, vises, spokeshaves, finishing supplies, oils, dyes, abrasives, adhesives, sharpening supplies, and a whole lot more. Additionally, we carry products from some of the best names in the business, and you’ll find items from Colwood, Carter and Sons, Timber Wolf, Cabertool, Craftsman Leather, and others. In other words, when it comes to woodworking products, we have you covered.

Shop Long Island Woodworking Supply Today

When it comes down to it, we know that you have many options about the online tool suppliers you’ll shop with, but when you choose Long Island Woodworking Supply, you can trust that you’ll enjoy a great selection of products, friendly customer services, fast shipping, and a genuine care for the work we do. 

No matter the type of woodworking you enjoy, you’re sure to find the perfect tool to add to your collection and take your skills to the next level. Shop our entire collection of woodworking supplies today, and if you’re searching for inspiration for your next project, be sure to take a look at our blog for project ideas, tool recommendations, practical advice, woodworking video suggestions, and a whole lot more.

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