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Product Description



The Termite

Unprecedented ease in hollowing, finishing, and thin wall turning make this tool a must in every turner's arsenal.


It will allow you to do end grain hollowing faster, deeper, and with more precision than ever before. As a bonus, it's great for finishing cuts on any flat or curved surface, and because it really is an end grain tool, pommels on spindles can be cut so clean it's unbelievable.

Use the Termite for the finishing cut and drastically reduce the amount of finish sanding. This will save you both time and money.

The ring bits are supplied sharp so the tool can be used straight out of the box.

The Termite is made from high speed steel. It is held with a set screw in a 7½", high strength shank, with tensile strength of over 110 000 PSI. This assembly is mounted in a hardwood handle which measures 15½" long. The total length of this tool is 23" without the cutting tip inserted in the shank.

Because bits are made from high speed steel, and we supply an efficient and simple means of sharpening them, they have a very long life.

Keeping it Sharp

In keeping with ONEWAY policy, not only do we supply a superb tool, we also supply the means of maintaining the tool. We include a mounted point dressed to the proper angle and a fixture to hold the Termite for grinding.

Simply mount the point in your router. Mount the termite in the fixture and oscillate the inside of the termite around the mounted point thus precisely recreating the edge as originally supplied.

What you get


Handle & Shank plus the following items

#1 Bit (3/8"), #2 Bit (½"), 3mm Hex Key, Grinding Point, Grinding Block




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