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Brand: Carter and Sons

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Product Description



7/8" Spindle Roughing Gouge

Nothing removes stock like our robust 7/8" Roughing Gouge. Machined from solid M42 High Speed Steel, the tool is not only razor sharp but extremely durable and long-lasting. Designed with deep 'U' shape for easy stock removal. 

Graced by a solid aluminum handle, the tools is sturdy and you will enjoy easy maneuverability. The specific shape of the handle is designed to fit your hand for comfort. Beautifully engraved and polished, the handle will last a lifetime.

Our premium 7/8" Roughing Gouge is shipped sharp and ready to use!

  • Deep flute allows for easy stock removal
  • Made from premium M42 HSS containing 10% cobalt
  • Hones to a finer edge
  • Superior edge holding ability
  • Hardened to 68 HRC
  • Hand ground at Carter and Son Toolworks
  • Made in USA

Specifications: Blade measures: 7/8" dia. x 13" overall   Tang size: 5/8" Handle size: 16"


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