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Brand: Carter and Sons

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Product Description

1" Skew Chisel - $133.95

Our 1" skew is machined from M42 high speed steel and heat-treated for strength and durability. Each 1" skew is ground by professionals at Carter and Son Toolworks and is shipped razor sharp and user friendly, ensuring that you achieve maximum success. Own your own 1" Skew today!

  • User friendly cutting edge profile
  • Radiused cutting edge reduces likelihood of a catch 
  • Perfect for spindles, pens etc.
  • Made from premium M42 HSS containing 10% cobalt
  • Hones to a finer edge
  • Superior edge holding ability
  • Hardened to 68 HRC
  • Hand Sharpened at Carter and Son
  • Made in USA

Specifications: Blade measures: 1" wide, 9-1/2" overall    Tang size: 3/4"   Handle Size: 12" x 3/4"

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