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Brand: Colwood

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Product Description

(Case not included)

This woodburning starter kit is perfect for anyone who is interested in learning more about woodburning and pyrography!

  • Comprehensive kit includes all of your basic woodburning essentials
  • Popular fixed-tip handpieces provide great creative variety
  • Includes control unit for easy-to-operate power

Are you interested in woodburning? Whether you’ve been doing it for years and simply want a no-fuss portable woodburning kit for traveling, or if this will be your first venture into pyrography, this Colwood burner kit is perfect. Colwood’s Cub Standard Kit comes with 5 replaceable tips and one handle, giving you everything you need to get started. The five included tips are some of the most popular ones, so you’ll be right at home among your pyrography friends. Also including a Cub control unit, Long Island Woodworking Supply is the premier place for all of your affordable woodworking tools for turning, burning, and carving!

Kit Contents:

  • Cub Control Unit (120V)
  • 1 - RT Handle
  • 1 - RT-B
  • 1 - RT-C
  • 1 - RT-D
  • 1 - RT-J
  • 1 - RT-S
  • 1 - EZ Tip Puller
  • 1 - Cleaning Cloth - not pictured
  • 1 - Honing Paper - not pictured
  • Case not included

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