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Product Description

(Case not included)

Looking for a way to turn your woodburning skills up a notch? This all-in-one Colwood woodburning kit makes it easy!

  • Comprehensive kit has all of the woodburning essentials
  • Features five replaceable tips and two handles
  • Comes with Colwood Super Pro control unit and factory warranty
  • Advanced pyrography kit for the serious woodburner

Novice and advanced woodburners alike can rest easy knowing this Colwood woodburning kit has everything they need to take their skills to the next level. With five of the most popular woodburning tips and two handles, users can create beautiful, detailed artwork with only what’s in this kit and their imagination. The Super Pro control unit included in this kit is the most versatile control unit from Colwood and has more power than both the Detailer and Cub models. This control unit features two heat ranges and two matched power cords, as well as a front panel selector switch to toggle between whichever two handles you have hooked up. Best of all, like all Colwood burners, this burner comes with a two-year factory warranty and the cords each carry a 90-day warranty. Long Island Woodworking Supply is dedicated to providing woodcraft enthusiasts with the woodburning tools and supplies they need to fully enjoy pyrography. Get your Super Pro Standard Woodburning Kit from Colwood today!

Kit Contents:

  • Super Pro Control Unit (120V)
  • 2 - RT - Handle
  • 1 - RT-B
  • 1 - RT-C
  • 1 - RT-D
  • 1 - RT-J
  • 1 - RT-S
  • 1 - EZ Tip Puller
  • 1 - Cleaning Cloth - not pictured
  • 1 - Honing Paper - not pictured

*Note: This control unit is designed to operate on 120V and NOT intended for use in countries where 220V is the standard.

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