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Brand: Starbond

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Product Description


All 2oz. sizes include extra caps, nozzles and micro-tips

EM-02 Properties:

2 mPa·s viscosity

Very Thin adhesive

0.002” gap filling capability

Instant cure

The EM-02 is a wicking type adhesive. This watery-thin adhesive infiltrates hairline fractures, pores, and narrow slots filling any empty voids. The EM-02 is well suited for porous and fragile material such as soft wood (balsa), ceramics, unpolished rocks and minerals, and fossil bones. For inlay applications, it penetrates and stabilizes the material through capillary action. The EM-02 will immediately soak into a soft, porous object until it is fully saturated with the CA. In such instances, it is advised to use an accelerator to create an instant reaction so full saturation of the object is unnecessary. It is often used as a finish by applying several coats, sanding, and then polishing to a high gloss.


Used For:

  • • Repairing and filling cracks, inclusions, voids, and knots in wood
  • • Woodturning and knife handle finishes for a hard, clear, and waterproof coat
  • • Wicking into and stabilizing guitar frets
  • • Installing bindings and purflings on stringed instruments
  • • Gluing and repairing guitar inlays on the headstock, body, and fretboard
  • • Fossil preparation through infiltration and stabilization of the fossil before extraction
  • • Repairing small cracks in stone
  • • Metal and turquoise inlays
  • • Jewelry manufacturing and repair
  • • Furniture refinishing and antique repair
  • • Ceramic repair
  • • Marble, Granite and Quartz repair
  • • Bonding fiberglass to balsa wood
  • • Taxidermy


Compatible With:

  • • Wood
  • • Metal
  • • Rubber
  • • Leather
  • • Ceramics
  • • Gemstones
  • • Rocks & Minerals
  • • Carbon Fiber
  • • Fiberglass
  • • PVC and Most Plastics

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