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Brand: Colwood

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Product Description

(Case not included)

With nine of the most popular tips, this woodburning toolkit makes the perfect gift for a serious woodburning artist 

Features 9 fixed-tip woodburning pens

  • Comprehensive all-in-one woodburning kit
  • Includes Cub control unit for easy-to-operate power

When it comes to a portable woodburning kit, this Colwood burner kit is one of the best options. The Colwood Woodburner Cub Deluxe Kit comes with fixed tip pens, meaning you never have to worry about your tip coming loose or being too hot to replace, making you more efficient at your craft.  Our woodworking supply store carries the best small woodworking tools so you can always get the level of detail you desire in your pyrography, and our Colwood wood-burner kit is no exception. Including everything you need to get started, this woodburning kit is ready to go as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. Get yours today!

Kit Contais

  • Cub Control Unit (120V)
  • 1 - Fixed Tip B
  • 1 - Fixed Tip C
  • 1 - Fixed Tip D
  • 1 - Fixed Tip J
  • 1 - Fixed Tip S
  • 1 - Fixed Tip K
  • 1 - Fixed Tip C1
  • 1 - Fixed Tip MR
  • 1 - Fixed Tip MC
  • 1 - Instructional Book (Pyrography Basics)
  • 1 - Cleaning Cloth - not pictured
  • 1 - Honing Paper - not pictured
  • 1 - Kiln Dried Poplar
  • Does not include carry box

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