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Brand: Colwood

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Product Description

The Super Pro II Colwood Wood Burner Unit is perfect for any experienced woodburner who wants to grow their craft and push their limits.

  • Colwood’s most versatile woodburner unit
  • Wide heat range availability
  • Perfect for fish carving, gourd burning, and woodburning
  • Two-year warranty

This Colwood burner unit is top-of-the-line. More powerful than the Cub and the Detailer, the Colwood Super Pro II has a selectable front panel, which allows the user to have two burner tips set up and ready to go. No more fiddling with different tips when you’re trying to complete a piece. This wood burner unit also features two terminal barriers for easy replacement of handpiece cords, as well as an easy-to-use on/off switch. The real star of this Colwood burner, though, is the solid-state temperature controller. With a wide heat range, you can set the temperature to your preference and start creating. This unit is perfect for anyone who just isn’t getting enough out of their Detailer, or as a gift for the experienced woodburner in your life.

  • One 18-gauge ultra-flex cord
  • One 16-gauge heavy-duty handpiece cord
  • Tips and handpieces sold separately
  • Solid state temperature controller

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