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Brand: Colwood

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Product Description


Light and Perfect For Travel, Control Your Woodburning Tools With Ease!

Suitable for use with the Colwood Woodburning Tips, this woodburning control unit is the smallest and most economical control unit of Colwood’s suite of woodburning products.

  • Compact and handy for travel
  • Two-year factory warranty from Colwood
  • Easy-to-operate power
  • Tips and handpieces sold separately

The Colwood ‘Cub’ is the smallest, most economical and most portable unit of Colwood’s line of woodburners. This control unit is specifically made to pair with your ‘Cub’, offering seamless compatibility and integration.

As one of our more popular woodburning tools, this control unit makes a great replacement for an old control unit or even a great gift for your friend who is just getting into pyrography and needs a simple, basic woodburning control unit to get started.

With our unbeatable prices at Long Island Wood Working Supply, there’s no wonder why we’re the go-to company for Colwood wood burner products and other related Colwood items. With a 90-day warranty from the manufacturer, you know that your woodburning purchase is in good hands. Get your own woodburner control unit today!


  • 18-gauge ultra-flex cord
  • Precise, solid-state temperature control
  • Features pilot light to indicate ‘on’ or ‘off’ status
  • Features cable clamp to allow user to suspend unit over work area

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