Can you believe spring is already here? For many woodworkers, this means more of their projects will be outdoor-oriented so they can be enjoyed in the warmer weather. To help you get some ideas, Long Island Woodworking Supply is offering some fun spring woodworking projects to try. Remember, if you need any tools to get the job done, make sure to shop our woodworking supply store!

The Best Spring Woodworking Projects


Birds typically begin breeding in spring and they will need a place to build their nest. A birdhouse is one of the easiest projects for woodworkers to make and you can enjoy it year-round as birds come and go. If you are hoping to attract a specific bird, make sure to do some research on what type of house that species needs.


Planters are also a great project to make at the beginning of spring so you can begin planting flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Planters can be as simple or as intricate as you would like them to be, they can be raised or ground level, and they can be designed to house one single plant or multiple plants. Making your own wooden planter is a great way to spruce up your yard without spending a lot of money.

Garden Bench

A garden bench is a slightly more complicated woodworking project, as you want to ensure your bench is safe for you and your family to sit on. If you have a little bit of woodworking experience, though, this is a great option to add to your backyard. Having a brand new homemade bench will encourage everyone to get outside and enjoy the nice weather.


As we move from spring into summer, you’ll want somewhere to set your glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade. Coasters are super fun to make and can be as simple as a ½” cross-section of a tree trunk or something much more complicated and time-consuming. Coasters are a great way to practice your pyrography skills by using a wood burning kit to burn unique designs into each one.

Garden Trellis

Some plants require a trellis to grow and thrive, and luckily as a woodworker you can easily make your own. Your garden trellis can be as simple as a wooden frame with chicken wire stapled to it or you can create an A-frame trellis, an arch trellis, or a 3D obelisk trellis.

Cornhole Boards

Cornhole boards are a perfect DIY woodworking project that will be used all summer long. If you do choose to make your own cornhole boards, consider following professional instructions to ensure that your boards are up to regulation standards. That way, people who play cornhole regularly aren’t thrown off by any new angles or board sizes.

Get Your Woodworking Tools Today!

If you need any woodworking supplies for the projects above or any upcoming spring projects, make sure to get them now! Long Island Woodworking Supply has everything you need to get the job done, from bandsaw blades to woodturning tools to hand chisels and everything in between. Shop our store today!

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