When it comes to wood-based art, woodburning is one of the easiest to get into. Pretty much anybody can do it, you don’t need a big shed, there’s no need to buy an expensive lathe, and other than a few ashes, it hardly makes a mess. Whether you are a novice or an experienced woodburner, investing in a new woodburning kit is a great idea.

Why Novices Need A Quality Woodburning Kit

We’ll start this blog off by offering a few reasons why someone who has never dabbled in pyrography would benefit from a woodburning kit. But before we talk about why you should get a woodburning kit, we’ll talk about three undeniably good reasons why you should try woodburning in the first place.

  • First of all, woodburning is a great craft. Once you have your initial kit, it is relatively inexpensive to continue, as you really only need a piece of wood.
  • Secondly, regardless of your artistic level, anything burned on wood always looks ten times more impressive than the same image drawn on paper. That means that while you might have thrown away a piece of paper with a lopsided heart drawn on it in sharpie, if you burn that same lopsided heart onto a piece of wood, suddenly you have a work of art. So if you feel like your skills aren't up to snuff right now, you will still be creating beautiful pieces while your skills improve with practice. 
  • Lastly, if you dabble in woodburning, you will never have to worry about what to get your family and friends for Christmas again. Heck, offer to dispose of last year’s tree, take it to your shed and cut off slices of the trunk, burn the family name into it and the year, and you’ve got Christmas presents for every family member.

Hopefully, you are so convinced that pyrography is a great new hobby that you’ve already added a pyrography kit to your cart, but if not, we’ve got a few more reasons. Like we mentioned above, pyrography is a super affordable craft once you make the initial investment of a small woodburning kit. Other crafts require you to continually purchase expensive paints and canvases, fabric, and other supplies. If you have a history as a lumberjack and some timber on your property, you can technically even get your “canvas” for free.

A quality Colwood woodburning kit will last for years and years if cared for properly, meaning you will rarely need to replace parts. At the same time, even a starter kit comes with all of the burner tips you’ll need to complete a huge array of tasks and projects, even as you advance your skills. Our pyrography kits come in compact carrying cases that hold everything you need, as well as an introductory book and a piece of poplar wood for you to get some practice on.

Why Experts Need A New Woodburning Kit

If you’ve been making wood art for years, or maybe even decades, you may be wondering why you would need a so-called “starter” woodburning kit. Well, for those of you in this category, this kit would serve more as a travel pyrography kit. It’s the kit you grab when you head out to the woods on a camping trip or that you teach your grandkids with. If you don’t need a travel kit, then you can surely at least admit sometimes it’s just fun to get new toys! A compact kit might even help you realize which pen tips you actually need out on your worktop and which ones you can store away or toss.

Colwood offers a range of kits to suit all different needs and skill levels. The “Cub” woodburning starter kits are perfect if you’re only going to use this kit once or twice a year when you head out on camping trips or if you want a simple kit to introduce kids, grandkids, or friends to pyrography (with supervision, of course). On the other hand, if you’re looking for a new set to completely replace your old woodburning tools, we’d suggest going for something a little more powerful like the Galaxy Deluxe kit or the Super Pro Deluxe kit. These kits come in their own carrying case for convenience so you can neatly pack everything up when you’re lacking space.

We Are Your Source For Colwood Woodburning Kits

Long Island Woodworking Supply is dedicated to providing pyrographers of all skill levels with the tools they need to create beautiful artwork. We offer fast shipping on the best woodburning tools and kits so you can get started on your next project right away. If you have any questions about which wooburning kit will best fit your needs, our knowledgeable team would love to hop on the phone with you or you can feel free to get in touch with us by email as well. Choose Long Island Woodworking Supply today to get the best tools and kits shipped right to your door!

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