Whether you’re a beginning woodworking or a seasoned pro, the truth is that we sometimes tend to look over some truly cool woodworking tools. Sure, you probably have some really great stuff in your woodshop right now. Whether it’s the big bandsaw that you’ve always wanted or a shiny, new jointer, there’s certainly some stuff in your shop that’s cool.

But what about those cool woodworking tools that are on your radar, but always get overlooked? At Long Island Woodworking Supply, we’re proud to offer a number of great tools that you’re sure to love. After all, as online tool suppliers, our goal is to offer everything you need to bring your next project to life. So what are some of the cool tools you need for your shop? Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites.

Often-Overlooked Woodworking Tools

Cabinet Scrapers

Your random orbit sander gets the job done, doesn’t it? Certainly, but if you’ve never tried a cabinet scraper, you owe it to yourself. The Family Handyman sums it up perfectly: “Once you try a cabinet scraper to smooth flat surfaces or curved sculpted forms, you’ll want to use it on all your projects.” Another benefit? As the article above mentions, it can save you a lot of time on sanding — and who doesn’t want to spend less time sanding?

Woodburning Kits

Every once in awhile, you see a really cool project pop up where someone did something creative with a woodburning kit. “That’s probably way too advanced for me,” you think to yourself. Thankfully, it’s a lot easier than you think to use the Colwood kits we offer in our online tool store, and once you have it, you’ll find endless uses for this amazing and overlooked woodworking tool.


On one episode of This Old House, actor and woodworker Nick Offerman makes an appearance to play a rousing game of What Is It with the hosts of the show. After some truly interesting guesses, the answer is revealed — it’s a spokeshave! But...what is a spokeshave? Wikipedia sums it up quite nicely by saying that “A spokeshave is a tool used to shape and smooth woods in woodworking jobs such as making wheel cart wheel spokes, chair legs, paddles, bows, and arrows.” So what can you use it for today? Like many tools, the possibilities are endless, but as soon as you get one in your shop, you’re likely to find plenty of ways to put your fancy new spokeshave to use.

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