Pyrography is one of the most amazing art forms because anyone can do it without spending a bunch of money. Even high-quality pyrography pens don’t have to cost a fortune. Perhaps one of the best reasons to explore pyrography is because you will always have something on hand that you can give to a friend, relative, or spouse when you suddenly realize a special event is coming up. There’s something so special about making a gift by hand, and having the right equipment is key to a beautiful finished product.

While many people imagine a skilled woodburner sitting down with a nice slice of a tree that they just cut themselves, you actually have many items in your home on which you can exhibit your pyrography skills. If you have a woodburning kit and any of the items below, you have exactly what you need to create beautiful wood burned art in a pinch. Whether you want to create the pieces below for yourself or as a gift to give to someone else, make sure you start with the right tools which you can find right here at Long Island Woodworking Supply! Now, keep reading to get some inspiration about potential new art pieces you already have in your home!

Cutting Board

Cutting board-based wood art is a great item to gift to a young couple on their wedding day or any friends who just bought a house. This artist showcases a great example of how to turn butcher block wood into a beautiful cutting board, but you can also use any wooden cutting board you have in the house. Because you still will want to be able to use the cutting board, we recommend keeping your designs small and focused on the outside edges of the board. Or, if you want to do a larger design, consider doing it on the back of the cutting board. This way the board can be displayed as a true art piece while still maintaining its function.

Rolling Pin

Burning designs into rolling pins can make for some gorgeous and unique wall art that everyone from Grandma to your hipster nephew will love. If you want to still be able to use the rolling pin, make sure to only burn the handles, as some rolling pins are treated with chemicals that can be released into your food when you use it.  Otherwise, if it is intended to be decorative only, go ahead and burn the entire roller. Because rolling pins spin, choosing a design that, like a good Christmas Tree, doesn’t have a definite front or back, is a good idea.

Side Table

If you have an old wooden side table that needs a new look, consider using it to display your pyrography skills. You can stick to simply adding some nice swirling accents to the legs, or go a little further and create a full tabletop design. With a table, you can simply burn in some nice shapes, or use your woodburning pen to create a full scene based on your skill level.

Cigar Box

Cigars are common gifts given between friends and relatives, but why not take it one step further and create a custom pyrography cigar box? You can simply burn the initials of the recipient into the box, create a nice pattern to border the edges of the box, or create a full design that wraps around the entire box. The possibilities are endless! Just make sure to fill the box with your favorite cigars before gifting it.


If you have an old violin, you want to make sure you are adding value to it by burning a beautiful design into it, so don’t forget to check if it belonged to Bach or whoever before you take the pyrography pen to it! Here is a great example of some violin pyrography to inspire you. You can either use a working violin and continue to play it, or take a retired violin and hang your new piece of art on the wall in a music room.

A Few Safety Tips...

Because you likely do not know where many of these items have come from or how the wood was treated, it is important to take safety precautions when burning these. Certain chemicals can be released from the wood and if inhaled can cause health complications. It is best to always burn in a well-ventilated area and wear a full face mask that blocks out dangerous particles.

Do You Have The Woodburning Supplies You Need?

If you want to boost your collection of pyrography supplies or are just getting started, you’re in the right place. Long Island Woodworking Supply is your source for woodburning supplies online, with fast shipping right to your door. Shop our woodworking and pyrography collection today!

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