A table saw. A bandsaw. A drill press. Many woodworkers consider these to be their must-have woodworking tools. It’s certainly true that they make life in the shop a whole lot easier, and with just these three tools, there are countless projects that can be completed. 

The way we look at it, some tools just get all the love — and for good reason — but there are other essential woodworking tools out there that we think belong in every shop. That’s why in today’s post, we’re going to highlight three tools that we don’t think you should go another minute without. Keep reading to learn more and feel free to contact the team at Long Island Woodworking Supply with any questions you may have.

The Underrated Tools That Belong in Your Woodshop

Japanese Flush Cutting Saw

The wonderful thing about our Japanese flush cutting saw is that it’s inexpensive, but once you have it, you’ll find countless uses for it. It’s ideal for cutting pegs and dowels, making it endlessly useless for those who prefer utilizing pegs and dowels for joinery. Of course, being a Japanese saw, it cuts on the pull stroke. If you’ve never used one before, you’ll find that it’s an absolute joy.

A Set of Chisels

If you invest in a good set of chisels, it will last you a lifetime. This set of chisels utilizes top-quality German steel and comfortable wood handles, and it comes tucked in a tool roll that’s easy to store in any size of shop. With six different sizes, you’ll have the right chisel on hand for any task.

CA Glue

“But wait a second...CA glue isn’t a tool, is it?” It certainly can be! Need to temporarily clamp wood together while you wait for your wood glue to dry? CA glue will do the trick. Building a jig for your shop and need to get it done in a hurry? You can probably do it with CA glue. There are countless uses just waiting to be found in your shop. Available in a variety of strengths, once you find the right CA glue, you’ll never want to be without it again.

Your Source for Must-Have Woodworking Tools

At Long Island Woodworking Supply, our goal is to provide our customers with the best tool for the job. Whether you’ve just developed an interest in woodworking and you’re figuring out how to get started or you’re a seasoned vet who builds fine furniture, we have just what you need to succeed.

Of course, what sets us apart is our unbeatable customer service. In other words, if you have a question and you give us a call, you can rest assured that you’ll be speaking with a friendly and knowledgeable representative who genuinely cares about our customers and the products we sell. With fast shipping and a great selection of essential woodworking tools, you can always expect a great experience when you shop at Long Island Woodworking Supply. Take a look around and place your order today or feel free to contact our team with any questions you may have.

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