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Brand: Oneway

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Product Description

The rubber buttons on these mini jumbo jaws can be positioned to hold just about any shape!

  • Machined from solid aluminum
  • Holds round, square, and oval shapes
  • Moveable rubber buttons make these jaws completely customizable
  • Buttons are hard rubber secured over tapered steel

Oneway’s Mini Jumbo Jaws often come in handy when doing some light finishing on the back of a bowl or even for external chucking on platters and picture frames. Equipped with eight moveable rubber buttons, these jaws can hold squares, ovals, circles, and everything in between - simply move the buttons to securely hold your workpiece. Long Island Woodworking Supply is a leading provider of woodturning supplies online, and our extensive collection of Oneway accessories and tools will help you expand your skills and add intricate finishing touches to any piece. Try these mini jumbo jaws today!

  • External (compression) chucking capacity: 3” - 8⅛”
  • Internal (expansion) chucking capacity: 5” - 10⅛”
  • Optional accessory for use with the Oneway Stronghold Chuck
  • Made in Canada
  • Part no. 2966

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