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Brand: Oneway

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Product Description

When it comes to essential woodworking tools, sharpness is everything. This skew grinding attachment for the Wolverine jig helps you to maintain accuracy when sharpening skews.

  • Essential skew grinding accessory
  • Reduces excessive hollow grind
  • Helps create a stronger tool
  • Designed for use with Wolverine grinding jig

When it comes to tools needed for woodworking, and in particular, woodturning, any experienced artisan would tell you the power of the skew goes a long way to creating smooth, intricate details. More importantly, without a well-sharpened skew, you might as well be turning with a common dinner spoon. This skew jig helps to minimize the problem of excessive hollowing and thin edges folding over during the grinding of skews. The skew grinding attachment features two pockets, and when the handle of the skew is placed in the pocket, the cutting edge becomes square to the sharpening wheel, helping the bevel to flatten itself out. This unique offset handle position helps to create a stronger and more predictable tool.

  • Attach to Wolverine V-Arm
  • Durable metal construction
  • Part No. 2690
  • Made by Oneway


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