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Brand: Oneway

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Product Description

These profiled tower jaws offer maximum grip with minimum wood marking, perfect for any woodturning enthusiast.

  • Towered jaws for the Stronghold Chuck
  • Profiled jaws give extra grip
  • Minimal wood marking compared to serrated jaws
  • Machined 1¼” deep for maximum gripping power

These profiled tower jaws from Oneway are designed to be used with the Stronghold chuck. Much like their corresponding chuck, these jaws offer a strong and sturdy hold on your workpiece. The patented profiled design gives more gripping power than a smooth jaw without damaging the wood as much as a serrated jaw, making these an excellent option for woodturners who want a secure grip without marking the wood. The profiled edge of these jaws increases the amount of grippable surface area, and also allows for woodturners to use square stock.

  • External (compression) chucking capacity: 2” - 3⅜”
  • Internal (expansion) chucking capacity: 2¾” - 4¼”
  • Optional accessory for Oneway Stronghold Chuck
  • Made In Canada

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