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Brand: PSI

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Product Description

Do you feel limited by the metal ends of your project or length of your project tube? No problem! Now you can easily turn natural "closed ends" on any 7mm or 8mm pen or project. With our new revolutionary and amazingly simple Closed End Pen Mandrel system you can turn a barrel of virtually endless length and design! Your creative possibilities are endless. The patent pending design is advanced it's actually simple. Simply twist the mandrel nut; and the silicone rubber on the mandrel expands and "grabs" the project tube internally. The rubber locks and support the tube as you turn the end. Turn closed ends on nearly any existing 7 and 8mm projects including, pen kits, keychains, letter openers, seam rippers, bottle openers, and more. The patent pending system includes a 7mm sized mandrel shaft with an internal threaded rod, a 1" silicone expansion tube, 6" of extra tubing, 7mm and 8mm bushings and a #2MT headstock mount.

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