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Brand: Oneway

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Product Description

For a safer work environment and sturdy support at both ends, choose this Oneway live center package with the #2 Morse Taper

  • Helps support both ends of workpiece
  • Essential woodturning tool
  • Minimum vibration during turning
  • Easily attach and remove accessories

On this Oneway live center, the cup center is the only component that rotates. This unique feature helps to create a safer working environment, as well as gives several other advantages to the woodturner. One such advantage is that the reversible bull-nose cones can be easily attached and removed. Also, if turning outside the capacity of the provided cone, a user-specific support can be made by drilling a hole in a blank and attaching it to the live center directly, turning it to suit your requirements. With a high-strength steel core and two quality bearings mounted in tandem and greased for life, this live center will give good, play-free performance and minimum vibration when turning, enhancing the woodturning experience.

  • Precision machined from premium alloy steel
  • Heat-treated steel core
  • Electroless nickel-plated
  • Includes full-point cone, bull-nose cone, knock-out rod, and #2 Morse Taper

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