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Brand: Colwood

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Product Description

Get A Complete, Seamless Circle Burn With This Colwood Woodburner

If circles are what you need to burn into your latest woodburning creation, then look no further than our Colwood Fixed Tip Woodburning Pen “FT Circle”

  • Custom cork grip for comfort and ease of use
  • Hours of woodburning without a “hot” feeling on the pen
  • Woodburning tip is specialized for high-quality detail and shading
  • Easily burn perfect circles of varying sizes

Precision and accuracy are extremely important parts of a success woodburning project, and to create the best masterpiece, you need the most reliable, high-quality woodburning tools that you can get your hands on.

To help you get the best woodburning results in your creation, Long Island Wood Working Supply carries this Colwood Fixed Tip Woodburning Pen “FT Circle” to help you burn complete, 360 degree circles of varying sizes, all in one convenient imprint.

As with all Colwood woodburners, this woodburning tool is available in both Fixed and Replaceable styles so that there’s a woodburning solution for you.

To burn the most precise circles in your woodburning creation, trust our Colwood Fixed Tip Woodburning Pen “FT Circle” to make it happen. Order your very own today!


  • Woodburning pen tip ideal for precise circle burning
  • Compatible with all Colwood woodburning units and handpiece cords
  • .071 inch, .100 inch, .189 inch and .240 inch diameters available
  • Handpiece manufactured with phenolic material for superior insulating properties

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