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Brand: Timber Wolf

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Product Description

 80" 3/4" 3TPI  AS/S

Product Information:

The world's only thin kerf, low tension, silicon steel bandsaw blades will outlast your old carbon steel blades by a mile!

Our 3/4" x 3 tpi x .025 blades are made of Swedish Silicon Steel. The teeth are induction hardened, milled for true tracking and produce a thin kerf (the total overall set is .048”). These blades run under a little lower tension which is better for your band saw. Our welds are warranted. This ¾” x 3 tpi blade is generally used for straight-line cutting 3”-10” hardwoods and 3”-8” softwoods. It is an excellent blade for cutting veneers and resawing expensive woods. It leaves a very nice finish



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