Everyone out there has a passion, regardless of what it is. For some people, their passion lies in sailing, running, helping people with financial advice, or interior design. Whether it’s a paying career or simply an enjoyable hobby, we all have at least something out there that we like and that we’re used to. When it comes to our ‘neck of the woods’ here at Long Island Woodworking Supply, we share a passion for woodworking, woodturning, and all things related to creating a masterpiece with wood.

Like any job, successful woodworking practices start with having the right tools. Because tools are so important in any woodworking operation, we felt that it was important to go over some of the basic carpentry tools that we frequently use and carry here at Long Island Woodworking Supply. Our one-stop-online-shop has everything you need to master any woodworking-related project, from a typical birdhouse to a complex, detailed model. The next time you’re in need of any tools for woodworking or general carpenter tools for sale, get in touch with us to find the right products that work for you! Continue reading below to learn about these essential woodworking tools that we use.

The Claw Hammer

The claw hammer is an extremely useful, standard household tool. While the standard hammer is not always used in precision woodworking operations, there’s just something about the classic, timeless quality of a solid hammer that makes it an essential tool for nearly any kind of job involving some extent of construction and manual labor.

The Tape Measure

How can you be accurate in your creations without a tape measure or other precise measurement tool? The answer is, you can’t. A 25ft standard retractable tape measure is usually the way to go, because any longer and you might have some trouble rolling the tape measure up.

Since measurements on large scale projects can be very susceptible to even the most minute measurement variations, you’ll want to make sure that the ‘hook’ or the tab at the end of the tape measure is firmly attached with no give. Remember, every diligent carpenter always careful measures before making cuts.

The Utility Knife

A good, all-purpose retractable utility knife, like the claw hammer, is a great all-around tool that can and should be used in most construction-related operations, or really anything that you do in the garage. There are many different kinds of utility knives, but the kind that uses disposable blades is probably the most common. Woodworkers use a utility knife when cleaning out mortise joints or to scribe wood, as well as many other uses.

The Moisture Meter

In order to ensure the long-term success of any woodworking project you spend your time and efforts on, you’ll want to have a good quality wood moisture meter. From wood flooring to kitchen cabinets to fine furniture, getting the result from your project that you’re personally satisfied with comes down to the correct moisture content levels of the woods that you’re using.

The Chisel

Just about any woodworker needs a chisel to clean out joints and saw cuts. The smallest chisels are the best for mortise work, while you can get a corner chisel to cut a notch out of the wood with the blow of a hammer, similar to a hole punch.

The Level

To be a successful woodworker, it’s important to make sure that you’re drilling and making cuts at the right angles with level surfaces. Most quality levels are either made of brass-edged wood or metal. When a bubble is exactly between the lines in your level, then you’ve found a level surface.

Our Store Carries So Much More!

Creating a masterpiece all begins with the right materials, tools, and knowledge. At the very least, we at Long Island Woodworking Supply can provide high-quality woodworking tools to meet the demands of your job at hand, whether it’s for work or simply as a fun hobby. Whether you’re looking for Carter and Sons products, wood clear coat, a Two Cherries chisel set or a lumber moisture meter, we offer an unbeatable inventory of great woodworking items. Check us out!