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Brand: Oneway

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Product Description

Made by Oneway Manufacturing, the drum chuck provides a holding solution for vacuum chucking. This drum chuck is made out of high quality aluminum and features a self adhesive neoprene seal. The seal is formed to the rounded top edge of the drum chuck with tailstock pressure pushing on the forming plate that is included. To use the Drum Chuck a separate vacuum source is needed as is an adaptor like the E-Z Vacuum Adaptor.

The Drum Chuck includes one taperlock insert to fit your lathe spindle thread. If you ever need to use the Drum Chuck on a different lathe, extra inserts can be purchased for a nominal amount. Please be sure to include the Spindle Thread Size of your lahe when ordering.

Of the three diameters available, the 5-1/2" is the most versatile, the 8-1/2" is great for larger work and the 3-1/2" is perfect for smaller work. Remember that the larger the surface area contacting the wood the stronger the holding power, so always use the largest size of Drum Chuck possible.

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