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Brand: Colwood

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Product Description

Carry Your Colwood Woodburning Items With Security and Confidence

If you enjoy woodburning as a hobby or a passion but you like to conveniently carry all of your woodburning gear on-the-go, then Long Island Wood Working Supply has the solution for you!

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Optimal storage area for your Colwood control unit and accessories
  • Durable and rugged exterior safely secures your woodburning tools inside
  • Exterior handle makes this case easy to carry around

If you take your woodburning activities outside of your home work area, then you definitely need a Colwood Plastic Carrying Case to securely take your woodburning tools on-the-go.

Made from durable and rugged high-density polyethylene, the outside materials will keep away sunlight while safely guarding your valuable Colwood tools inside the case.

At our price at Long Island Wood Working Supply, the value for this Colwood Plastic Carrying Case is virtually unbeatable in the woodworking and woodburning supply market. Whether you need to carry woodburning tips, handpieces, cords, or other items, this woodburning carrying case can handle it all. For optimal storage and carrying capacity for your favorite Colwood control unit and related Colwood woodburning accessories, shop our Colwood Plastic Carrying Case now!


  • Made with rugged, high-density polyethylene
  • 14” height x 11” width x 5.5” height
  • Perfectly fits Colwood woodburning products
  • Foam insert inside to provide impact resistance

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